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; semicolon, such as this one, are comments.  They are not executed.

; This script has a special filename and path because it is automatically
; launched when you run the program directly.  Also, any text file whose
; name ends in .ahk is associated with the program, which means that it
; can be launched simply by double-clicking it.  You can have as many .ahk
; files as you want, located in any folder.  You can also run more than
; one ahk file simultaneously and each will get its own tray icon.

; SAMPLE HOTKEYS: Below are two sample hotkeys.  The first is Win+Z and it
; launches a web site in the default browser.  The second is Control+Alt+N
; and it launches a new Notepad window (or activates an existing one).  To
; try out these hotkeys, run AutoHotkey again, which will load this file.


IfWinExist Untitled - Notepad
    Run Notepad

#LButton::Sleep 10, MouseClick right, Sleep 10, MouseClick right, Sleep 10, MouseClick left,

; Note: From now on whenever you run AutoHotkey directly, this script
; will be loaded.  So feel free to customize it to suit your needs.

; Please read the QUICK-START TUTORIAL near the top of the help file.
; It explains how to perform common automation tasks such as sending
; keystrokes and mouse clicks.  It also explains more about hotkeys.





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