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    39dll programing , GML , Graphic Design , Music
  1. Swety

    I'm sorry for the bad name this topic :D
  2. Swety

    Hi, I would do UDP engine, but I do not know how to do forward(resend) the conected clients ... otherwise I would like to ask the only way to get IP and port is LastinPORT and lastinIP? You do not have someone an idea? =D Heelp me :D If you have any ideas, please write here in English or Poland .. thank Swety
  3. Call Dllinit(); initialize all the functions in 39dll;)
  4. Ahoj lidi :D mám vás všechny rád ! :D Hi people: D I am love you all! : D Miluju dll knihovnu 39dll i love you 39dll libary :D:D:D:D:D :D
  5. You know how the basics of C # and 39dll: D
  6. my nick Swety not Sweety... my nick is not anything sweet,candy,cocholate xD I am Czech ! :D I am not the C + + programmer :D
  7. Thanks you :D Díky ! :DDDDDD
  8. C # has one super feature .... is simple!(easy) : D C #, the performance can be compared to C +, it goes without saying that the c + + is better ... ;) C # is relatively simple ... and this is good;) otherwise implement Thread's, ThreadPool, and similar technology features can create power server for your program or game;)
  9. 39dll in C# Swety Hello, Today, I decided that publicize import 39dll to C #. Many, I thought of publication, but eventually I said that to will let for themselves and a few individuals: D. After a few days, I realized that not 39ester would never do not go GM engine for online / multiplayer games. Dll(39dll) you have to put in YourtProject / Bin / Release YourtProject / Bin / Debug Special thanks to all you participated in the Tested al my different applications connections with 39dll.dll…. Example "Console APP" using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Runtime.InteropServices; using System.Linq; using System.Text; namespace ConsoleApplication1 { class Program { static void Main() { dll.dllInit(); dll.tcplisten(2008, 300, 1); Console.ReadLine(); } } class dll { /* this is imoprt class */ /* copy code from TXT or RTF file;) */ } } Downloads DOWNLOAD (.RTF) DOWNLOAD (.TXT) 39dllV2.5 official post in czech laguage =>
  10. How create new instance from object ?
  11. How create OOP object delphi ?

    How create new instance in Delphi Variable = new TSoldier; ? EE? XD
  12. How create OOP object delphi ?

    What is it ? inherited Create ? :DDD